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Elvira , L'italiana in Algeri
Elvira , L'italiana in Algeri

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An Angels Voice 2010
Soprano Solo 2009
Elvira 2009
Adina 2007
Handel 2007
Soprano Solo 2006
Adina 2005
Rosina 2005
Despina 2004
Giannetta 2004
Rosina 2003
Barbarina 2002
Parasha 2002
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Katherine Wiles
Oscar's volta la terrea

Role: Mrs Nordstrom
Concert: 'A Little Night Music' (Sondheim)
Company: Opera Australia, Sydney Opera House 2010
Stage Noise Website - June 2010
- reviewed by Diana Simmonds

"On the periphery of these stories, but at the centre of the show itself, is the 'chorus' of ....Katherine Wiles.... They relate important information to the audience while themselves being audience to the shenanigans of the various lovers, and their overlapping and often competing musical refrains are terrifically well handled. "

Sydney Morning Herald - June 2010
- reviewed by Sarah Noble

"At the quintet of 'liebeslieders' - singers who weave their way through the show as a sort of Greek Chorus - company regulars ....Katherine Wiles.... are vocally luxurious, mingling operatic beauty with show tune savvy."

Curtaincall - July 2010
- reviewed by Lloyd Bradford Syke

"Katherine Wiles, as Mrs Nordstrom.... All accomplished. All faultless. How often can you say that....?"

Stage Whispers Website - July 2010
- reviewed by Neil Litchfield

"The whole is framed knowingly by a 'Greek' chorus of five operatic singers who provide knowing commentary on the action; impeccably elegant in evening wear, they combine impressively vocally, and charm with wicked innuendo."

Prima la musica Website - July 2010
- reviewed by Sarah Noble

"An admiring quintuple nod, too, to the Liebeslieders ....Katherine Wiles - who weave in and out like the world's best dressed Greek chorus, providing copious hilarity and vocal glamour along the way."

Role: Guest Soloist
Concert: 'An Angel's Voice'
Company: Opus Orchestra, conducted by Peter Walls:
Hamilton, Rotorua & Tauranga - May 2010

Rotorua Daily Post - May 2010
- reviewed by Hanno Fairburn

""Its success lay in the gift of Peter Walls and an appealing programme which gave splendid opportunities to the eloquent soprano Katherine Wiles.
Katherine Wiles showed off her fine vocal skills and expressive voice splendidly in three arias. Her wide operatic experience and Peter Walls's measured direction of the orchestra let them all work together splendidly. For Handel's beautiful 'Tornami A Vagheggiar' she brought a vocal agility and command of dramatic and lyrical styles to give an engaging performance, while there was great poise in two Mozart and Rossini works.
In five pieces from Aaron Copeland's musical tribute to American pioneers 'Old American Songs' she was compelling, catching the spirit and individuality of each piece."

Waikato Times - May 2010
- reviewed by Andrew Buchanan-Smart

"Handel's "My soul is full of you alone" from Alcina, "Una donna" from Cosi fan Tutte by Mozart and Rossini's "Una voce poco fa" from The Barber of Seville heard both the agility and beauty of Katherine Wiles with a light lyric coloratura soprano voice. These florid works were full of character with an abundance of colour.
Copland's Five Old American Songs were a lovely contrast; in language, (English), singing style and the folk idiom. 'Simple Gifts' and the comic nursery tale 'I Bought Me a Cat' were the imitation of animal calls was most effective."

Role: Soprano Solo
Opera: Serenade to Music (Vaughan Williams) 'London Calling' A Tribute to Richard Hickox
Company: Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Sydney Opera House, October 2009

Sydney Morning Herald - October 2009
- reviewed by Peter McCallum

"....while the soprano Katherine Wiles and the tenor Sam Sakker led the solo ensemble with eloquent poise."

Role: Elvira
Opera: L'italiana in Algeri (Rossini)
Company: NBR New Zealand Opera,
Auckland & Wellington 2009

Opera Magazine - October 2009
- reviewed by Nicholas Tarling

"Elvira was expertly sung by Katherine Wiles ...... both artists being nurtured by the Company's Young Artist Programme."

New Zealand Herald - May 2009
- reviewed by William Dart

"Katherine Wiles... ...were strong in their supporting roles, with Wiles particularly effective as the trophy wife Elvira."

The Opera Critic - May 2009
- reviewed by Michael Sinclair

"Each of the singers certainly threw themselves wholeheartedly into their roles as soap opera stars, not only having to act for the audience, but also for the off stage cameras. In the smaller roles Katherine Wiles turned Elvira into a sultry sex kitten, leaving one wondering why Mustafa wanted to discard her."

The New Zealand Listener - May 2009
- reviewed by Rod Biss

"Katherine Wiles as Elvira, Mustafa's unfortunate wife, acts well and soars excitingly up to the high notes."

Music Vision Daily.com - May 2009
- reviewed by Howard Smith

"As Elvira, a beauty relegated in the men's inconstant affections, New Zealand-born soprano Katherine Wiles revealed the benefits of experience gained with companies as far apart as Swansea and Sydney - here was another wholly captivating performance."

Wotzon.com Wellington - May 2009
- reviewed by Heather McDonald

"We are quickly swept into their world at a themed beach party (complete with blow-up dolphins). The glamorous Elvira complains to Zulma her husband doesn't love her anymore. I can't understand why, his wife is a fox! The singing was superb. Katherine Wiles was sizzling as his wife Elvira."

National Business Review Magazine - May 2009
- reviewed by John Daly-Peoples

"Of course no amount of technical wizardry and cleverness is going to create a brilliant opera unless there are good voices, and this production has all this as well. Katherine Wiles as Elvira... ...all provide exceptional displays of acting and singing."

The Dominion Post - May 2009
- reviewed by John Button

"Thanks to great casting, all bases are covered in this supremely polished, endlessly effervescent production. The opera is a long series of demanding ensembles, and this cast covers all bases with aplomb. In the supporting roles of Elvira... ...Katherine Wiles... are all one could ask."

Manawatu Standard - May 2009
- reviewed by Stephen Fisher

"Conductor Wyn Davies reveals glorious work from all principals. They are supported by further excellent performances from Katherine Wiles as Elvira..."

Radio New Zealand - May 2009
- reviewed by Gary Harris

"...and I also really enjoyed Katherine Wiles who played his wife Elvira. She had a secondary role but she was really strong and looked fantastic."

Radio New Zealand - May 2009
- reviewed by Simon Morris

"One of the best performances of the evening, Katherine Wiles as Elvira... and the first thing you notice is just how stunning she looks, and she carried off the bathing suit really well; acting fantastic and singing really great."

Theatreview.co.nz - May 2009
- reviewed by Pepe Becker

"The singing is excellently characterized and the acting superbly funny all round. In the other main roles taken by New Zealand singers, soprano Katherine Wiles is superbly simpering as Mustafa's spurned wife, projecting well in the higher tessitura."

NZOpera News Magazine - May 2009
reviewed by Lindis Taylor

"The lesser characters can seem rather secondary in some productions, but here they are both significant and memorable. The Bey's wife, Elvira (Katherine Wiles), and her maid Zulma (Kristen Darragh) were splendidly cast. Wiles' interventions were particularly vivid - one would hardly have thought she needed Isabella's guidance in assertiveness."

Role: Adina
Opera: L'elisir d'amore (Donizetti)
Company: State Opera of South Australia, Adelaide Festival Theatre 2007
Opera Magazine - January 2008
- reviewed by Elizabeth Silsbury

"Extremely pretty with voice to match, Katherine Wiles kept Adina in the spotlight as a squatter's horsey daughter with a bit of a feminist streak but susceptible to practiced wooing."

The Adelaide Review - 3 August 2007
- reviewed by Graham Strahle

"There is not one moment where this production misses a beat. It flows with sparkling vivacity, and the cast are all strong. As Adina, New Zealand soprano Katherine Wiles is a delightfully agile coloraturist..."

Rip It Up Magazine - 2 August 2007
- reviewed by Barry Lenny

"State Opera are on a real winner with this light-hearted opera... and the great performances of the cast. Soprano Katherine Wiles and tenor Aldo Di Toro, sparkle as Adina and Nemorino, exhibiting superb interplay in their erratic courting."

The Advertiser - 1 August 2007
- reviewed by Ewart Shaw

"...and Katherine Wiles is the perfect partner as the coquettish Adina."

Role: Soprano Solo
Opera: Handel's Messiah
Company: Auckland Choral Society, Auckland Town Hall, December 2007
Opera News - December 2007
- reviewed by Rod Biss

"Katherine Wiles has an exciting voice. Her 'I Know That My Redeemer Liveth' was beautifully interpreted, with appropriate ornamentation added to the repeats"

Role: Soprano Solo
Opera: Gloria (Poulenc) & Gloria (Rutter)
Company: Hamilton Civic Choir, St Peter's Cathedral, Hamilton
The Waikato Times - 20 November 2006
- reviewed by Andrew Buchanan-Smart

"An impassioned Katherine Wiles produced a pure sound in the 'Domine Deus' (Poulenc) and again at the end... the second was a very gentle 'Domine Deus' (Rutter) in which the two sopranos joined with gentle, finely balanced singing."

Role: Adina
Opera: The Elixir of Love (Donizetti)
Company: Grange Park Opera 2005 (UK) / Nevill Holt Young Artists UK Tour
Opera Now Magazine - November/December 2005
- reviewed by Roderic Dunnett

"Katherine Wiles's Adina shone in duet with Freddie Tong's beautifully clear Dulcamara, and her coloratura took wing in her final acceptance scene."

Opera Magazine - October 2005
- reviewed by Roderic Dunnett

"Adina's final aria soared enchantingly."

Manchester Music - 19th September 2005
- reviewed by Robert Beale

"Katherine Wiles gave a lovely performance as Adina, coquettish and sweet at the same time."

Opera in the North West - 19th September 2005
- reviewed by Brenda Kean

"He loves the fair Adina played by Katherine Wiles. Her voice and diction are mesmerising."

The Times - 18th July 2005
- reviewed by John Allison

"Katherine Wiles gave a complete performance as the wilful Adina, singing with sweet-toned agility."

The Guardian - 18th July 2005
- reviewed by Edward Greenfield

"Standing out from the young cast is the Adina of the New Zealand soprano, Katherine Wiles, bright and agile..."


Role: Rosina
Opera: The Barber of Seville (Rossini)
Company: Swansea City Opera, UK
Kings Lynn - 16th March 2005
- reviewed by David Johnson

"The cast was a team of first-class artists... there were some particularly notable performances. Rosina, played by Katherine Wiles, was a delight to both eye and ear, looking and sounding the part of the young lover, as she threw off with ease Rossini's demanding arias."

Role: Despina
Opera: Cosi fan tutte (Mozart)
Company: NBR New Zealand Opera National Tour 2004
The Capital Times - 11th August 2004
- reviewed by Amy Cameron

"Katherine Wiles as Despina was the most confident singer, secure in her part and able to act freely as a consequence. Her light, expressive voice suited the part well and she pulled off her role as the plot-hatching maid with charming cheekiness."

Hawkes Bay Today - 11th August 2004
- reviewed by Peter Williams

"Katherine Wiles stole the show on numerous occasions with her excellent characterisation as scheming maid Despina."

Wesport News - 2nd August 2004
- reviewed by Lesley Staniland

"Katherine Wiles as Despina in various guises added much of the humour - and a beautiful voice."

The Dominion Post - 22nd July 2004
- reviewed by John Button

"...Katherine Wiles, as Despina, has a peach of a character role, and she plays it for all it's worth."

Wanganui Chronicle - 16th July 2004
- reviewed by David Charteris

"Much of the evening's humour came from Katherine Wiles' Despina. Pert and sexy with an appealing soprano voice, Ms Wiles was an audience favourite."

The Daily News - 15th July 2004
- reviewed by Harry Brown

"Wiles almost steals the show as the perky maid..."

The Cambridge Edition - 14th July 2004
- reviewed by Sarah Stevens

"The standout performance of the night came from Katherine Wiles. She portrayed Despina with a coquettish comic sensitivity, sometimes lacking in opera where vocal talent must be balanced with acting ability. It is fantastic to see such depth of talent on stage in New Zealand."

Waikato Times - 12th July 2004
- reviewed by Andrew Buchanan-Smart

"Katherine Wiles as Despina in various guises portrayed comic vocal agility and gave an insightful performance."

New Zealand Opera News - July 2004
- reviewed by Gavin MacLean

"Katherine Wiles was an earthy and hilarious Despina, emitting shapely coloratura and preposterous squawks with equal ease... the long recitatives of Katherine Wiles as Despina were particularly pleasing in this dying art."

Bay of Plenty Times - 26th June 2004
- reviewed by Brendon Schollum

"The maid, Katherine Wiles relishes the chance to ham up her role. How refreshing it is to hear high-quality singing by an actor determined to also entertain through facial expression, movement and gesture."

National Business Review - 25th June 2004
- reviewed by John Daly-Peoples

"Everyone in the opera is corrupt or at least compromised in some way, but it is Despina the maid who has the most complex and manipulative role. Katherine Wiles' bright voice has lots of colour and was ideal for the part of Despina in her outlining of the women's role in the game of love. In her singing or squawking the roles as the doctor and notary she invested them with a cutting humorous dimension."

The Gisborne Herald - 21st June 2004
- reviewed by Kristine Walsh

"...but they had stiff competition from Katherine Wiles who, as the maid Despina, combined beautifully clear vocals with an endearing comic touch."

The Daily Post - 14th June 2004
- reviewed by H S F

"In the manipulative roles, Katherine Wiles' pertness and natural comic ability made a superlative Despina."


Role: Giannetta
Opera: L'elisir d'amore (Donizetti)
Company: NBR New Zealand Opera / New Zealand International Arts Festival
Opera~Opera (Australia) - April 2004
- reviewed by Lindis Taylor

"Katherine Wiles, also a New Zealander, who studied at Glasgow and has sung Rosina and Barbarina for New Zealand Opera, made a striking impact in Giannetta's Act II aria."

New Zealand Herald - 27th March 2004
- reviewed by William Dart

"...By the time the girls pursue Nemorino, I'm wondering whether we're in Auckland in 2004 or back-stage at a Wham! Concert. In fact, the scene in which Giannetta reveals Nemorino's newly acquired wealth to her classmates is deliriously funny, beautifully pointed by Katherine Wiles, whose sly, cynical bitchery is one of the opera's greatest assets."

Capital Times - 10th March 2004
- reviewed by Amy Cameron

"Katherine Wiles sang well as the ringleader Giannetta, and made a convincing cheap drunk."

The Dominion - 8th March 2004
- reviewed by John Button

"...Katherine Wiles makes a fine Giannetta, which was played splendidly to the productions' strengths."

Role: Rosina
Opera: Il barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini)
Company: NBR New Zealand Opera National Tour
The Nelson Mail - 2nd July 2003
- reviewed by Michael Monti

"Katherine Wiles who played Rosina was alternately charming and scheming and amused with wonderful facial expressions."

Sunday Star Times - 18th May 2003
- reviewed by Rod Biss

"Katherine Wiles was a pert Rosina singing her demanding role with an unflustered fire."

Gisborne Herald - 16th May 2003
- reviewed by Kristine Walsh

"Katherine Wiles (Rosina) gave a stunning performance."

National Business Review - 16th May 2003
- reviewed by John Daly-Peoples

"Katherine Wiles presented a shrewd Rosina with a captivating performance. The aria, 'una voce poco fa' was finely judged and delivered in consummate style."

Waikato Times - 14th May 2003
- reviewed by Andrew Buchanan-Smart

"Katherine Wiles gave a stunning performance as Rosina, with a sensuous sound with a secure top register accompanied by a solid middle and lower range. Her impressive agility in the florid passages, being especially so in 'una voce poco fa', delivering the runs and trills with focus and clarity throughout." top

Role: Barbarina
Opera: Le Nozze di Figaro (Mozart)
Company: NBR New Zealand Opera
The Listener - 3rd August 2002
- reviewed by Roger Wilson

"Katherine Wiles was a most knowing Barbarina."

New Zealand Opera News - August 2002
- reviewed by Garth Wiltshire

"The important smaller roles were all superbly taken, each a delightful cameo by seasoned and new performers. I particularly liked the sprightly pert, Cindy Lauper-like Katherine Wiles' Barbarina."

The New Zealand Herald - 29th July 2002
- reviewed by William Dart

"...Katherine Wiles' Barbarina, a punkette in orange who Fourth Act cavatina might be occasioned by more than just sorrow over a lost pin."

Opera~Opera - Opera Australia Magazine August 2002
- reviewed by Adrienne Simpson

"The smaller roles were well, even luxuriously cast. It was good to see the role of Barbarina being used to blood an up-and-coming singer. Katherine Wiles, a young New Zealander near the end of her studies at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, impressed with her pure tone and insouciant acting."

Role: Satirino
Opera: La Calisto (Cavalli)
Company: Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, Scotland
Opera Now Magazine - September/October 2002
- reviewed by Neil Jones

"Other notable performances came from Katherine Wiles as Satirino..."

The Scotsman - 5th May 2002
- reviewed by Conrad Wilson

"As a demonstration of the RSAMD's operatic versatility, the performance could hardly have been bettered. There were many portrayals to admire, including Katherine Wiles' sharp little Satyr."


Role: Parasha / Lauretta
Opera: Mavra (Stravinsky) / Gianni Schicchi (Puccini)
Company: Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, Scotland
The Scotsman - Friday 1st February 2002
- reviewed by Kenneth Walton

"Katherine Wiles cut an athletic and charismatic Parasha with antics straight from the Les Dawson School of Pantomime."

The Edinburgh News - Friday 8th February 2002
- reviewed by Thom Dibdin

"...with the set-up complete just at the end of the overture there was just time to call 'Action!' and Katherine Wiles was into a story of a girl who tricks her mother into employing her lover as a cook. Wiles was superb in the role, clear and strong of voice, while comfortable with the acting."

Opera Magazine - College Reviews April 2002
- reviewed by Raymond Monelle

"Parasha was Katherine Wiles, singing with a warm and intense soprano."

Opera Now - College Reviews July/August 2002
reviewed by Neil Jones

"Katherine Wiles in the role of Parasha had a sweet, crystal clear voice and her opening lament was particularly memorable, with the Russian character of much of the music in this opera showing through. The final opera was Puccini's Gianni Schicchi.. this was rollicking good fun, beautifully and appropriately overacted and splendidly sung by all with Katherine Wiles as Lauretta."

Role: Susanna
Opera: Le Nozze di Figaro (Scenes)
Company: Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, Scotland
The Herald - Friday 9th March 2001
- reviewed by Stephen Strugnell

"With the RSAMD's Opera Course turning out so many fine singers, it's a fascinating exercise to see the first-year students put through their paces, and to try to spot future stars. In Le Nozze di Figaro Katherine Wiles was a splendidly vivacious Susanna."



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